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San Juan Fiberglass Pools are made entirely from 100% Vinyl Ester Resin and 5 layers of alternating hand laid matt and woven fiber optic grade fiberglass. The cosmetic NPG-Isothalic resin gel coat surface has a thickness of approximately 30 mil. and gives an all-fiberglass pool tremendous resistance to wear, resistance to bacteria and algae growth and a unique, pleasing appearance. These are the most expensive, and the very best materials and methods available for fiberglass pools. No fillers, extenders or automated "chop" methods are used. That makes our pools 25% stronger than any other fiberglass pool on the market without sacrificing the tremendous flexural strength fiberglass construction has to offer. The lack of fillers, extenders or a "composite" construction method also eliminates any potential for blistering or "bleeding" in the pool surface.

This incredible toughness means that a San Juan pool is the most frost and freeze resistant pool available for our harsh climate changes. Citicorp, one of America’s leading financial institutions, stated in a publication to customers and employees that “Fiberglass pools never need painting, require less maintenance and are more resistant to frost than all concrete pools.”
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